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Jan 1, 2020

Welcome to the site! I’m really glad you’re here. And since you are, I’d like to take a second to tell you what Bible & Stuff is all about.

This whole thing started as the solution to a problem I had (and that I think you may have too). When it came to growing in my faith and knowledge, I’d become pretty stagnant. I knew there were plenty of things I didn’t know, and I wanted to grow in those areas, but I was lost as to how. When I tried to find resources to help, they were either too basic or too dense and academic. Locating something that stretched me while still being easy-to-understand proved more difficult than I thought.

So, here we are. My co-founder Glen and I have worked hard to build the thing we wished existed—something that would push us to learn without overwhelming us, and hopefully, allow you to come along for the ride. Here’s how it works:

Our Three Categories

Every resource we create falls into one of these three categories: the Bible, theology, or Christian history. We’re focusing our efforts here for a couple of reasons. First, we believe knowing the Bible is one of the most important things Christians can do. And as for the other two, they provide a valuable context for your reading. Studying theology gives us a helpful framework for thinking about God and learning Christian history allows us to build on the foundation of faithful Christians who came before us.

Every quarter, we’ll pick a topic of focus for each of these categories. For example, during January-March of 2020, this is where we’ll be:

  • The Bible: Philippians
  • Theology: Scripture
  • Christian History: The Great Awakening

I’m convinced that if you follow along with us as we cover these topics, you will come out of each quarter with a working knowledge of every subject and a heart that is closer to Jesus. It won’t take as much time as you think, and it will be worth the investment. But, if you’re only looking to dip your toe in for now, we make sure that every resource stands on its own also, so click on something that seems interesting and start there.

The Types of Resources You’ll Find

We package these resources in a number of ways. Around Bible & Stuff you will find articles, videos, and even a podcast hosted by Glen and me. Different topics lend themselves to different media, so we aim to pick the best option for each. If you have a preference, start there, but I expect as you explore them all you’ll find that they work well together and reinforce each other.

Let Us Know What You Think

As you can see, we’re just getting started. In the coming days and weeks, check out the new content being published and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear what you like, what you don’t, and how we can improve. At the end of the day, we have one goal—to help Christians grow closer to Jesus through learning about the Bible, theology, and Christian history—and we want to do that as best we can.

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Tanner Britt (@tannerandstuff) is a co-founder of Bible & Stuff and a co-host of the Bible & Stuff podcast.


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