The Ten Commandments



What the Ten Commandments Really Are

What are the Ten Commandments really, and what do they mean for us thousands of years after they were first delivered?


The First Commandment and How We Split Our Worship

The first commandment to “have no other gods” seems simple, but upon further reflection proves hard to follow and raises numerous questions.


The Second Commandment and God Made Visible

More than a simple rewording of the first commandment, the second word reveals how our invisible God desires to be visually represented.


The Third Commandment and Honoring God’s Name

Is keeping the third commandment as easy as avoiding curse words, or is something deeper behind the charge to not take God’s name in vain?


The Fourth Commandment and Resting in the Lord

What exactly does it mean to Sabbath, and how do we honor the fourth commandment in a culture obsessed with hustle and grind?


The Fifth Commandment and Spiritual Family

The fifth word to honor our parents is often characterized as simple obedience, but its application reaches beyond familial relationships.


Jen Wilkin on Bible Literacy, Parenting, and the Law

Jen Wilkin explains the importance of Bible literacy and how understanding the Law as a means of grace transforms our relationships.


The Sixth Commandment and Destructive Anger

We might think that the commandment prohibiting murder is one we’ve kept, but Jesus has us look deeper to the anger we harbor against others.


The Seventh Commandment and Honoring Marriage

The seventh commandment instructs us not to commit adultery, but Jesus cuts to its heart, calling us to honor marriage and protect purity.