Updates & Stuff

Updates & Stuff is a series of periodic updates and behind the scenes videos from the Bible & Stuff team keeping you up-to-date on everything we are planning and doing.



Help Decide the Future of Bible & Stuff

Tanner and Glen discuss what we are doing at Bible & Stuff, what it’s been like for us, and how you can help us decide what comes next.

What's Coming In Q2

Updates & Stuff: What’s Coming In Q2

As we move into next quarter, we're switching up the topic of focus in each of our three categories. Here's what we have coming up.

Getting Started - Updates & Stuff

Updates & Stuff: Getting Started

Check in with Tanner and Glen on the first few months of Bible & Stuff as we update you on where we've been so far and where we're going next.

Bible & Stuff Background

Welcome to Bible & Stuff

Welcome to the site! I'm really glad you're here. And since you are, I'd like to take a second to tell you what Bible & Stuff is all about.


Introducing the Bible & Stuff Podcast

Check out the trailer for our inaugural podcast, Bible & Stuff. Join Tanner and Glen each week as we talk about the Bible, theology, and Christian history.