Spiritual Disciplines

Understanding the Means of Grace



Practical Help for Building Spiritual Disciplines

Shame is not the way. So what does it look like to build spiritual disciplines that are rooted in the grace and love of Christ?


What Real Fellowship Looks Like

Over the years, we have slowly lost what real fellowship looks like, but it is a biblical means of grace worth reclaiming.


Cultivating Prayer and Friendship with God

Though the person and work of Jesus, friendship with God becomes possible, and the foundation for prayer is set.


The Why and How of Bible Reading

To love someone, you have to know them. And if we desire to love God, we must look where he has mostly clearly revealed himself—his Word.


What Are the “Means of Grace” in the Christian Life?

The means of grace are crucial for the Christian life because they are a means to an end—knowing and enjoying Jesus.