The Pendulum Effect

The Pendulum Effect and Theological Tension

With so much disagreement surrounding the Bible and theology, understanding how to manage tension between two extremes is not only helpful but necessary.


An Encouraging Thank-You: The Purpose of Philippians

Paul started his letter to the Philippians as a thank-you, but of course, he never wastes an opportunity to share what’s on his heart.


Biblical Authority: What Weight Does the Bible Carry?

Biblical authority is worth wrestling with because, if the Bible is the Word of God, then disobeying the Bible means disobeying God himself.

What You Should Know About the Bible

What You Should Know About the Bible

Can you trust the Bible? Does it really answer any of your questions? What you think about the Bible drastically changes how you read it.

Rejoice in the Battle - Philippians

Rejoice in the Battle: The Theme of Philippians

Paul tells us in Philippians that we will fight and suffer, but also encourags us to rejoice. How is it possible to have joy in the midst of the battle?

Bible & Stuff Background

Welcome to Bible & Stuff

Welcome to the site! I’m really glad you’re here. And since you are, I’d like to take a second to tell you what Bible & Stuff is all about.


Introducing the Bible & Stuff Podcast

Check out the trailer for our inaugural podcast, Bible & Stuff. Join Tanner and Glen each week as we talk about the Bible, theology, and Christian history.

Gutenberg Inventing Printing

Gutenberg, His Printing Press, and the Bible

Gutenberg’s printing press revolutionized the way books were made and information was spread, paving the way for a world in which the Bible is published on a massive scale.

Bad Things Good People

Why Do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

It’s a common query: why do bad things happen to good people? And frankly, it’s not a bad question, but often, it isn’t just hypothetical, it’s personal.

Building the Tabernacle

What’s the Deal With the Tabernacle?

We read about the tabernacle in the Old Testament, but it actually tells us a lot about Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and how God interacts with his people.

Archangel Michael Hurls the Rebellious Angels into the Abyss

What Does the Bible Say About Angels?

Everyone loves to talk about angels, but is the pop culture information about them true or false? The Bible provides some helpful clarification.

Adam and Eve

Were Adam and Eve Real People?

With so many differing opinions on Adam and Eve, what’s true? There isn’t necessarily one clear answer, but it’s worth examining more closely.

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