Are There Stages of Salvation?

This week we’re talking about the order of salvation or “ordo salutis.” What does it look like? Does it change from person to person? Why does it matter? Well, we’ll tell you.


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Baptism in the Bible and the Church

Baptism in the Bible and the Church

Despite its importance in the Christian life, baptism is often misunderstood. This week we look at baptism throughout the Bible and what it means for you.


Understanding Election: Who Chose Who?

Before creation, God chooses some to be saved. This election happens before we are born but, for many Christians, it generates countless questions.

Biblical Inerrancy - Are There Errors in the Bible?

Biblical Inerrancy: Are There Errors in the Bible?

The Bible is crucial to every Christian’s life, and because of this foundational role, it is necessary to know whether or not it is trustworthy.