Apr 5, 2022

Obedience in the Battle — Joshua E3

As the people of Israel begin to take the Promised Land, their ability to have a strong and courageous obedience to God is tested. In this, we see how seriously God pursues his purposes and how he allows us as humans to be a part of his plans. And, we cover the toughest topic of the book—what do we do with all of the bloodshed?


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Urgency and Rest — Joshua E4

Settling into the Promised Land, the people of Israel are faced with two realities: they can finally rest, and they still have work to do.


Entering the Promised Land — Joshua E2

In Joshua 1-5, the people of God must look back to remember what God has done in order to faithfully face what is yet come.


Getting Back to the Garden — Joshua E1

God's charge to "be strong and courageous" gives us a model for how to live now, already justified in Christ but still awaiting his return.