Feb 21, 2022

Getting Back to the Garden — Joshua E1

As we begin our series through the book of Joshua, we look to the people of Israel as they prepare to enter the Promised Land and how this story parallels with our own of trying to get back to the Garden of Eden. We also examine how God’s specific charge to Joshua to “be strong and very courageous” gives us a model for how to live in our already/not yet reality of being justified in Christ but still awaiting his return.


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Old Made New with Greg Lanier

Greg Lanier explains how New Testament authors used the Old Testament to communicate the gospel and present the person and work of Jesus.


Urgency and Rest — Joshua E4

Settling into the Promised Land, the people of Israel are faced with two realities: they can finally rest, and they still have work to do.


Obedience in the Battle — Joshua E3

As the people of Israel begin to take the Promised Land, their ability to have a strong and courageous obedience to God is tested.