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"Theology helps us understand Scripture and to think and speak truly about what God has revealed in His Word."

— Keith A. Mathison



Habits for Your Family with Justin Whitmel Earley

Justin Whitmel Earley helps us discover simple habits and rhythms to create a home where kids and parents practice loving God and each other.


Gospel-Centered Discipleship with Jonathan Dodson

Drawing from his own failures and successes while following Jesus, Jonathan Dodson presents an effective, Spirit-led model for sanctification.


A Dozen Things God Did With Your Sin with Sam Storms

Sam Storms addresses believers with an overwhelming anxiety over sin by reminding them of what Christ has done on their behalf.


‘Everything and More’ with Zach Bolen

Zach Bolen of Citizens joins the show to talk about new music, the bigness of God, and bringing people together.


Simple Prayers for Parents and Kids with Cody Deevers

Cody Deevers calls us to avoid over-complicating prayer, providing direction for kids and courage for adults.


Hurry, Limitations, and Rest — Uniquely Wired E6

The Holy Spirit empowers us to live as the people God has created us to be, embracing our limitations and slowing our pace.


Doing Deep Work — Uniquely Wired E5

Discovering our unique wiring and investing our God-given talents is a lifelong pursuit that requires deep work over time in community.

The Loveliest Place

The Beauty and Glory of the Church with Dustin Benge

Dustin Benge urges Christians to see God’s church in all its eternal beauty, despite the temptation to become disillusioned by its flaws.


Encouraging Community — Uniquely Wired E4

A community that stirs up one another to love and good works is integral in discovering and living out your purpose.