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Benjamin Murray graduated from Grand Canyon University with a BA in Christian Studies with an emphasis in Biblical Studies. Since high school, Benjamin has had a discipline for learning and passion for God's Word and his Church.


Understanding Election: Who Chose Who?

Before creation, God chooses some to be saved. This election happens before we are born but, for many Christians, it generates countless questions.

Biblical Inerrancy - Are There Errors in the Bible?

Biblical Inerrancy: Are There Errors in the Bible?

The Bible is crucial to every Christian’s life, and because of this foundational role, it is necessary to know whether or not it is trustworthy.

Biblical Canon - How Did We Get the Bible?

Biblical Canon: How Did We Get the Bible?

The biblical canon has been a concern since Moses received the Ten Commandments, and it’s a crucial topic to understand when measuring these ancient texts.

Biblical Sufficiency - Is the Bible Enough?

Biblical Sufficiency: Is the Bible Enough?

Many say the Bible is completely sufficient, but as we examine our reading habits, we may expose a dependence on other sources that is less than healthy.

Biblical Necessity: Why Do You Need to Read the Bible?

Biblical Necessity: Why Do You Need to Read the Bible?

It’s often stated how important it is to read the Bible as a Christian. But, it’s still tempting to ask—”Is it really necessary? What if I don’t?”


Biblical Clarity: Can You Understand The Bible?

Often, the Bible feels confusing, and it may even seem too complicated to understand for anyone who hasn’t made a four-year degree out of it.


Biblical Authority: What Weight Does the Bible Carry?

Biblical authority is worth wrestling with because, if the Bible is the Word of God, then disobeying the Bible means disobeying God himself.

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