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A podcast for Christians who want to know more than they do.

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Apostolon Onesim

The Bible

Philemon: Fellowship and Forgiveness

Paul’s letter to Philemon is a short one about a single topic—Paul urging his friend to pursue Christlikeness through radical forgiveness.

A New Heaven and New Earth, Phillip Medhurst Collection


What is the biblical Heaven Really Like?

Heaven isn’t all floating on clouds and playing the harp. The Bible actually tells a much grander story of what God is doing and how it all ends.

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The Simple Faith of Polycarp

In this episode we look at the Apostolic Father Polycarp, the respectability of a simple faith, and one of the most epic martyrdom stories ever.

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About the Show

Each week, hosts Tanner and Glen explain a topic from the Bible, theology, or Christian history, all with one goal in mind—to help you grow closer to Jesus.

We believe that by teaching our minds, we can train our hearts to love God more and manage to have fun while doing it.

Clips From the Show

No time now for a full episode? Here's a few clips to give you an idea of what our show is like.


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Solid theology for those that are wanting to learn more about the Bible and the gospel. These two guys communicate the topics well without leaving the listener feeling talked above. Give it a listen.

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Apple Podcasts Review

I really enjoy listening to these guys. They help me look at Scripture in a way that I haven’t before. I always leave the podcast feeling informed and encouraged.


Apple Podcasts Review

Great podcast for the commute. Easy to listen to, informative, lighthearted, and engaging.

Cody Deevers

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These guys are definitely not boring, and I was able to understand all of the information easily. I love being able to listen and learn more about the Bible while getting chores done.


Apple Podcasts Review