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Worship and Theology Need Each Other with Amy Gannett

Author Amy Gannett explains how worship and theology go hand in hand, each one incomplete without the other.


The Why and How of Bible Reading

To love someone, you have to know them. And if we desire to love God, we must look where he has mostly clearly revealed himself—his Word.


What Are the “Means of Grace” in the Christian Life?

The means of grace are crucial for the Christian life because they are a means to an end—knowing and enjoying Jesus.


Spiritual Disciplines and Our New Mission

Glen and Tanner discuss the spiritual disciplines, how they play into the new mission of Bible & Stuff, and where we’re going in 2022.


Work, Laughter, and Balancing It All with Firefighter Fenton

Firefighting comedian Brent Fenton joins us to discuss bringing your faith to your vocation, not taking yourself too seriously, and more.


What to Do When the World’s on Fire with Hannah Anderson

Author Hannah Anderson uncovers the heavenly wisdom of the Beatitudes that helps us engage the world on fire around us.