What if reading the Bible wasn't so hard?

Don't Be Confused Anymore.


Two Hearts, 1628

Word Studies and the Hebrew Heart

This week look at word studies—when to use them, when not to, and what you can gain from having this tool in your tool belt.

Bust of an Elderly Woman

Ecclesiastes and Beauty from Pain with Eric Schumacher

This week, Tanner and Glen are joined by author and pastor Eric Schumacher as they explore life, dignity, and the themes of Ecclesiastes.

Saint Polycarp, Engraving

The Simple Faith of Polycarp

This week, we discuss the Apostolic Father Polycarp, the respectability of a simple faith, and one of the most epic martyrdom stories ever.

Creation of Adam by Michelangelo

How Are We Like God?

The Bible says that we are made in the image of God, but what exactly does that mean? This week we discuss the concept of “Imago Dei.”

A New Heaven and New Earth, Phillip Medhurst Collection

What’s Heaven Really Like?

Heaven isn’t all floating on clouds and playing the harp. The Bible actually tells a much grander story of what God is doing and how it ends.

Job by E.P. Sperry

Job, Part 2: Answers?

In the second half of the Book of Job, we discuss how to deal with Job’s final friend, Elihu, and how God responds to Job’s protest.

Job and His Friends by Ilya Repin

Job, Part 1: Questions.

In the first half of the Book of Job, we encounter a number of burning questions about Job’s suffering. Can his friends provide any answers?

Understanding the Fruit of the Spirit

Understanding the Fruit of the Spirit

What’s the deeper meaning of the characteristics listed in Galatians 5, and what it looks like for us as Christians to live them out?