For Christians who want to know more than they do



Rethinking Your “Self” with Trevin Wax

Trevin Wax challenges society’s most common assumptions about identity and proposes a better way of discovering our true purpose.


Restoration — The Bible’s Big Story, Pt. 4

Our story isn’t over, but we already know how it ends. Christ will return, once and for all, and make everything right.


Redemption — The Bible’s Big Story, Pt. 3

Helpless to solve our own problems, we need a force outside of and greater than ourselves to be the agent of our redemption. Enter Jesus.


The “Mostly Ordinary” Practice of Family Discipleship with Adam Griffin

Adam Griffin provides us with a framework for real life family discipleship and encouragement for the critically important work.


Fall — The Bible’s Big Story, Pt. 2

Understanding the fall gives us a lens through which we can make sense of our current reality while hoping in a more glorious future.


Creation — The Bible’s Big Story, Pt. 1

By looking at creation, we can discover God’s good design at work in the world around us and our unique purpose as humanity.